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Rip-N-Shred Eighths & Quarters

Discover the Rip n' Shred by Hermit's Delight, our exclusive eighth and quarter ounce cannabis container. Merging ancient charm with modern utility, this unique package features a built-in grinder, embodying the essence of convenience and tradition. Crafted to resonate with the mystical allure of the Ozarks, it transforms the ritual of grinding into a seamless act of enchantment. Each Rip n' Shred is not just a holder of our finest buds but a portal to the serene and ancient magic that Hermit's Delight passionately preserves.


On the go Half oz pouches

Embrace the adventure of Hermit's Delight with our innovative all-in-one kit pouch, featuring a half-ounce blend of premium flower and shake. This unique offering is designed for the connoisseur who values both tradition and convenience. Each pouch is a complete cannabis experience, equipped with matches, papers, and a rolling tray, allowing you to craft your moments of solitude or shared joy wherever you are.
Infused with the spirit of the Ozarks and the ancient heritage of cannabis, this pouch is not just a product but a passport to the mystical and untouched landscapes of nature. It's for those who cherish the ritual of rolling and the purity of a well-crafted smoke. Discover the essence of Hermit's Delight with every pouch, a companion on your journey through the enchanting realms of cannabis enjoyment.

Hermits Delight 14g Pouch - V1 (1)

1 Gram All Flower Pre Roll

Discover the purity of Hermit's Delight with our 1 gram pre-rolled joints, meticulously crafted from 100% bud and zero trim. Unlike our competitors, we offer an authentic experience that honors the ancient and mystical traditions of cannabis. Each joint invites you on a journey through the enchanting wilderness of the Missouri Ozarks, ensuring every puff is a testament to our commitment to quality and the magical essence of nature.


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