07.02.02 -Sour Lemons

Sour Lemons – The Orchard’s Mystical Tang

Sour Lemons, a zesty creation from the enchanted orchards of Hermit’s Delight, weaves the vibrant tang of lemon with a hint of the forest’s hidden mysteries. This strain offers a refreshing burst of citrus, artfully entwined with a subtle, earthy undertone, reminiscent of a secret, sun-dappled grove.

This sativa-dominant blend awakens the senses, much like a brisk, energizing breeze through the lemon groves of an ancient, enchanted land. Its aroma, a lively concoction of sharp lemon intermingled with the deep, verdant scents of the forest, embodies the spirited essence of Hermit’s Delight’s magical realms.